You Don't Know Jack

Jack Campisi is a Monster Man. Well, to be more accurate; he’s one half of the Monster Men, a video podcast that he co-hosts with his buddy, horror author Hunter Shea. Monster Men is a web show that covers all things horror and paranormal, but does it with a sense of humor. They describe it as a lighthearted conversation about dark matters. Monster Men is your go-to show for reviews of horror movies, TV shows and books as well as discussions about the paranormal and the unexplained. They also interview up and coming authors and other people of note in the genre.

Jack grew up glued to shows like Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Creature Feature, Chiller Theater and even The Munsters. That trend continued through the years with shows like The X Files, Supernatural, Ghost Hunters and The Walking Dead.

Jack is a humorist, blogger, podcaster and social media professional who has produced and co-hosted a variety of Internet productions like the marketing themed Purple Goldfish Video Podcast and the MRA Hot Seat video interview series for the Marketing Research Association of Greater NY. His blog, Back in Jack, covers pop culture, TV, movies, books, humor, food and whatever else pops in his head. Jack’s blog first gained a following for his hilarious weekly recaps of the show 24.

Jack has been published in the horror magazines Dark Dossier and Insidious Reflections.

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