Friday, December 21, 2012

Monster Men Ep. 34: Finding Bigfoot in All the Wrong Places

Bigfoot is bigger than ever. Shows like "Finding Bigfoot" have brought this hairy legend out of the woods and into the spotlight. But did you know there are many more versions of Bigfoot besides the Sasquatch and Yeti? Ever hear of the Skunk Ape that roams the swamps of the Florida Everglades? How about the Honey Island Swamp Monster or the Fouke Monster of Boggy Creek?

In this episode of the Monster Men, we discuss the other names and forms that our large-footed friend takes.

We'll also talk about Hunter Shea's new book, SWAMP MONSTER MASSACRE, that features the horrifying, bog-dwelling Skunk Ape. It's a must read for Bigfoot fans and horror fans alike. Click here to order it on Amazon.

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