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24 Live Another Day: Ep 3. – 1pm to 2 pm

24: Live Another Mother’s Day

Tonight 24 opens with Jack and Chloe in hot pursuit of Yates. They end up at the pub where Yates was hiding out and Jack finds him dead in the bathroom. There’s no sign of the drone override device, but there is a wig in the rubbish. (That’s English for dumpster.) This is good for two reasons; first, it means someone was with Yates, so they can possibly track them using the neighborhood security cameras. Second, this wig might come in handy if Jack, being the most wanted fugitive in the country, might need a disguise later. I’m not sure if they showed it, but I am pretty sure he put that wig in the Black Jack Sack… just in case.

At first things look bad. There were no cameras in the back alley. DAMMIT. (Drink up.)

But sure enough, Chloe is able to hack into every single security camera in the area and spots Simone boarding the Tube. (That’s English for the subway. Or the T if you’re from Boston, or the L if you are from Chicago.)  Chloe informs Jack that she’s headed for the Waterloo station. Of course, we all know that at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender, and if Jack has his way, Simone will meet her destiny in quite a similar way. So he and Chloe race to Waterloo in their stolen car.


Meanwhile, Kate is still back at the projects, questioning Basher and his henchmen, Bangers and Mash. One of them gives up Yates' name, but Navaro orders them to let everyone go before the Bobbies arrive. (That’s English for cops.) The CIA has no business being there and they don’t need to make matters worse after the drone attack earlier today. But Kate, in true Bauer fashion, does not let Basher go with the rest of his men. Instead she takes him to a tunnel in a seedy part of town where members of rival gang, I believe called the Tommer Boys, hang out. These guys look pretty badass, but they are no Van Buren Boys, that’s for sure. (They should be called the Tommy Boys anyway.)
Turns out they have a bone to pick with Basher and he is visible shaken by the thought of being let out of the car. He must not know the Tommer Boys sign. So before we get a Sharks/Jets type situation, Basher tells Kate that Jack was after Yates.

Over at the US Embassy, Heller prepares to go before Parliament, despite continued warnings by Chief of Staff, Mark Boudreau – even if this does piss off his wife, Audrey… who happens to be the President’s daughter and Jack Bauer’s ex. Mark Boudreau is also given the paper work that would be necessary if they were to hand over Jack to the Russian government. It has to be signed by the President, but like a kid with a bad report card, Boudreau forges the signature.

Oh yeah, at some point Tanner, the drone pilot, is brought to the building, which is surrounded by an angry mob.

Meanwhile Jack spots Simone on the train, but she spots him too. I bet the Black Jack Sack gave him away. So she pulls out her knife, but instead of stabbing Jack, she cuts her own leg, smears blood on her face and then when the train stops, she screams that Jack is trying to hurt her. Then she takes off while the chivalrous men of London try to subdue Jack. And there are lots of them, because London is where they invented chivalry. They can’t stop Jack for long, but it’s long enough for Simone to sneak into a maintenance area and lose him. Jack tells Chloe to keep an eye out for her on the cameras, but suddenly the sight of a mother, father and son walking out of the station distracts Chloe. This allows Simone to get away.

Jack can’t believe Chloe didn’t spot her and demands to know the reason for her brain fart. She tearfully explains that Morris and her son Prescott were killed by a hit and run truck while on their way to soccer practice. Chloe believes that it was a hit on her, because she was the only one that knew the details of Jack’s day before he went off the grid.

Jack is moved by the story and hugs Chloe in an attempt to comfort her and says:
You can’t bring back the ones you love. Trust me. But you can honor their lives by helping others. It’s the only way forward.

This is not only a lovely thing to say as a way to help Chloe deal with her pain, but it’s also a thinly veiled attempt to get her focused back on the mission. And it works. Jack and Chloe go back to the Open Cell hideout to talk to Adrian Cross and the Geek Squad to plan their next move.

RIP Morris and Prescott. Drink a social for Chloe’s family. No wonder she’s all goth.

Back to Simone. She gets home to Margot, who asks her if she’s been followed and is quite concerned about this American chap who’s been pursuing her. We also meet Simone’s brother and her husband Navid, who seems a bit upset about Simone’s slutty assignment with Yates.

Cross is cross that Jack has returned to the Geek Cave. (Cross is English for angry. It’s also the name of the guy.) He also points out that Jack’s way of demanding things at gunpoint is quite disconcerting. He’s got a point. Perhaps Jack would get more results if he used honey once in a while instead of vinegar when he wants something. Jack agrees and asks Cross nicely if he’ll help him present proof of the existence of the drone device to Heller. This also means Jack will need false credentials to get into the embassy. The Geek Squad can handle that in their sleep. So Jack heads for the Heller’s location and the angry mob that surrounds it. 

Back at the bad guy's estate, Margot sews up Simone’s leg, roughly, to remind Simone to stay focused and not get sloppy. I certainly hope Simone does not use wire hangers, because I have a feeling Margot might not handle that too well.

Later, Simone approaches Navid to try and address the Yates thing, as he pours himself a glass of whisky. It turns out he’s really just having second thoughts about the mission. Simone decides to calm him down by going down on him. Little do they know that Mommy Dearest is watching and listening to the whole thing on a spy cam.

Then we find out that Adrian Cross plans to double cross Jack and orders one of the Geeks to screw up his credentials so he’ll get busted at the gate. Quick question... if Cross double crosses you, is that a triple cross?

Heller heads to Parliament, and the Prime Minister also advises him not to do this now. But Heller is lucid enough to quote Winston Churchill, so he decides to do it anyway. Unfortunately, as soon as he is introduced, the heckling begins and suddenly it’s like he’s bombing at The Improv. All that’s missing is the tomatoes and lettuce being thrown by the angry crowd.

Then, we get the multi-square view of what everyone else is doing. Jack and Kate arrive at the embassy at about the same time, while Navid and Simone lie in bed. If this is in real-time, then that was either that was the fasted BJ ever or the whiskey was a bad idea for poor Navid.

Jack arrives at the embassy and presents his false credentials, but while the guards run them, Chloe senses something is wrong and tells Jack to abort. Jack knows he only has one chance to get into the embassy, so he backs away, ditches his Jack Sack (and the wig). Then he takes off his jacket and overpowers a Bobbie (cop) with it. He takes the Bobbies gun and starts shooting people in the crowd in their legs. This may seem a little extreme, but if a few legs get in the way of the mission, then hey, they gotta go.

Chaos ensues, so Jack takes advantage of the diversion and slips through the gates. Kate and Ritter attempt to follow, but the crowd is slowing them down.

Next week: All Heller breaks loose in the building. 
See you then.

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