Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Belly Up to the Bar

My Monster Men partner Hunter Shea and I both had the chance to join our pal Jason Brant on Drinking with Jason, his new video podcast. Jason is a horror author and was a great guest on two recent episodes of our our show.

The premise of Drinking with Jason is simple. Jason and his guests choose a beverage and then have a chat online over a few drinks.

Hunter went first and it's a great show. Listening to two horror authors discuss the writing process and the business of writing is interesting enough, but with these two it turns into a hilarious and engaging conversation. Plus, Hunter has a bunch of great ghost stories that you won't want to miss.

Then I took a turn tipping pints with Jason and I had a blast. We covered a lot of ground, including my writing and podcasting work over the years. Highlights include The Purple Goldfish Project, my 24 blog, Dark Dossier magazine and the birth of the Monster Men.  We also talk about a lot of horror movies and I tell a few stories about some of the ghostly places I have explored, including infamous Danvers State Hospital and Lunatic Asylum. It's a pretty funny conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Jason for having us on. Please check out Jason Brant's books and support his new show. 

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