Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heidi Wallace is Cool

Before we get to tonight’s episode, some important business to attend to:

If you told me back when I started writing these 24 recaps that I would actually meet somebody from the show, not only would I have laughed at you, but you would probably have had trouble keeping a straight face too. Well, we’re definitely smiling today, but it’s for a different reason.

Today I chatted via email with Heidi Wallace, also known as Nurse Mitchell from the 4-5pm episode of 24.

Heidi hooked me up with a few screen caps from her appearance and informed me that you can now watch her episode on Hulu. You can catch her at the 21 minute mark.

Heidi said she had a blast shooting the episode, especially working with Cherry Jones (President Taylor). They shot the scene in Pasadena at St Luke's Hospital.

Stayed tuned for more from Heidi, because she has agreed to answer a few questions for us. If you want to submit a question, send me an email at jack@backinjack.com. Also, feel free to leave a message for Heidi in the comments section below (or email me and I will pass it on) and let’s show her that the “Back-in-Jackers” are her biggest fans.

(I can’t promise I’ll use everything submitted, but I’ll do my best to cover as much as I can.)

And now on to tonight’s two hour extravaganza. It’s kind of long, so go get coffee first.


Kristie said...

Here is what I would like to know, what is Kiefer like in real life? Will you be playing any more roles? Possibly, a nurse that is actually an undercover FBI agent?

Anonymous said...

Jack - that's plain awesome.

Heidi - Are you making any other appearances on the show? Congratulations to you, job well done!


Anonymous said...

How exciting Jack!!!

Heidi - What do you think of Chloe's character? Does she act like that in real life too??

Congrats on the show - it's awesome!!

Tom said...

Wow, a real celebrity on backinjack. This is great.

Heidi, not sure if you know this or not but do they know the ending of the show before the season starts or is it somewhat make it up as you go?