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24- Season 8.12 – 3 am: Boom, Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights

3 am

Well, it’s three am we are 12 hours into this season of 24. I’ve done the math for you… we are halfway there and living on a prayer. The prayer is that the next 12 hours are better than the first. The good news is that I heard that Michael Madsen is going to be joining the cast. If you have seen Reservoir Dogs, then you know this could be the compelling bad guy we have been waiting for, no… praying for.

Tonight we pick up in the hotel room where Hassan’s daughter tries to stall in the bathroom, hoping help will arrive soon. But Jack and the Fresh Prince are still 10 minutes away from the hotel The NYPD set up a staging area while waiting for the CTU agents, but decide to move in despite Jack’s order to wait. Tarin sees the cops through the window and forces Kayla to come with him at gunpoint. Tarin manages to shoot a few officers and escape.

Word gets back to President Hassan Chop that his daughter is a hostage just before Jack & the Prince show up at his room. It took them all night to get to the hotel, but they get to Hassan in just one commercial break.

The bad guys take Kayla to their hideout, which naturally has another vault. What’s with all the vaults? They call Hassan and demand that he hand over File 33. Is that anything like Mambo Number Five? I assume File 33 must have something to do with Larry Bird, and I wonder what he could possibly have to do with this. Is Hassan a huge Lakers fan and is Larry the Legend their next target?

Hassan Chop reluctantly reveals that File 33 is actually a magical file containing every secret code to the U.S. defense system… kinda like that magic box a season or two ago that could disable every US defense. 24 is famous for these magical devises that allow bad guys to make the U.S. vulnerable. Remember that magical device that allowed some bad guys to control all of the nuclear reactors in the U.S. a few years ago. (God rest your soul, Edgar.)

Meanwhile, Parole Officer Bill Prady, (Milton from Office Space) arrives at CTU and quickly starts to play hardball with Denny. (That’s Dana’s new nickname, if you recall.) With a few phone calls in the middle of the night, he has determined that Kevin’s robbery could only have been successful with help from someone at CTU, since that is the only place that could disable the cameras. Denny agrees to talk to him but tries to stall him with the nuclear crisis. She tells the Fresh Prince that she is going to come clean to Bubba Gump. Later in the episode, Denny discovers Milton wandering around the halls of CTU. He must be eyeing all of the staplers.

The bad guys threaten Kayla on camera by putting a plastic bag over her head. If they don’t get File 33, they will seal up that Ziplock bag and suffocate her. (While the airtight seal will keep her noggin nice and fresh.) CTU will not let Hassan turn over the real file, so they give him a fake one. Hassan knows they won’t be fooled for long.

Arlo detects a train noise from the recording and they quickly pinpoint the location. Jack & the Prince race to the location, but the 15 minutes are up and it’s time to execute Kayla. But Tarin has a change of heart and instead of marching her to his death, leads her out of the building. As they attempt to flee, Tarin is shot and killed. Kayla calls in and is lead to CTU by phone… rather than the closest police station or intercepted by a police car.

Jack and the Prince find an empty hideout, but the drones pick up the bad guys leaving the building and facial recognition software reveals Tarin is still alive. Wait a minute… if he is still alive, then what is going on? Why would the terrorists demand File 33 when they know Hassan would never really give it to them? Hold on, where is Kayla’s car? It’s pulling into CTU now.


Everyone scrambles as Kayla’s car pulls into the CTU tunnel. A security guard jumps in and tries to back the car out, but it’s too late. The car explodes and emits a blue pulse. It’s an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. This will disable all electronics in the area… like what they did to Las Vegas in Ocean’s 11. (See, it always come back to vaults and Ocean’s 11 this year.)

When the explosion first happened, I wondered if Bill Prady had anything to do with it, because we all remember when Milton burned down Initech. But it could not have been him, because this disaster will undoubtedly interfere with his investigation.

So now CTU is crippled and the bad guys can smuggle in their radioactive materials without the radiation detectors going off.

Next week: Jack continues to pronounce the word nuclear as ”nook-you-ler”, just like George W. Bush. But unlike W., no one has the nerve to make fun of Jack Bauer. And Hastings looks into getting a booth and gate at the front of CTU’s driveway.


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