Monday, February 2, 2009

24- Season 7: 2 pm – You Down With C.I.P? Yeah You Know Me.

2 pm

This week on 24 we pick up with the bad guys secretly planning to use the magical CIP device to detonate a tank of deadly pesticide from a chemical plant in Ohio. But when Janice Garofalo is on the case, secrets are hard to conceal. Hell, she’s so good that she was even able to detect the great Chloe hacking into the FBI's system. So if she says she can trace the usage of the CIP device, you’d best believe her.

It’s a good thing she’s on the case too, because everyone else at the FBI is preoccupied with all their drama. Sean is worried that Boss Moss is not focusing on his work because he is still reeling from the loss of Agent Lohan. This from a guy who himself could not concentrate on his job because he was thinking about his wife AND another woman.

Meanwhile, Boss Moss is not focusing on his work because he is still reeling from the loss of his gal pal, Agent Lohan. He gets all snippy with Sean and also the Chief of Staff. Then he creepily surfs Agent Lohan’s FBI web profile. (As well as her Facebook pictures and her MySpace page.)

Meanwhile, Jack and the J-Team track Nichols back to the building where Dubaku is hiding. Agent Lohan uses her good looks and credentials to gain access to the building and then heads to the roof to let the boys in. Then she and Jack head into the air vents with an endoscope. They don’t find any polyps, but they do find Dubaku, who is in the midst of building up the pressure at the chemical plant with the CIP device.

Back at the chemical plant, John Brunner, the tough talking foreman, evacuates his facility while telling Janice Garofalo to lighten up after calling her “Babe.” Brunner realizes that someone has to buy the plant workers some precious time to evacuate, so he takes a page out of Mr. Spock’s playbook. As you may recall, at the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, the Enterprise is in danger of being destroyed by the detonation of the Genesis machine. Someone has to get the Warp Engines back online so they can get away… and fast, but the engine room is flooded with radiation. Ignoring certain death, the brave Vulcan charges into the chamber and valiantly fixes the engines just in the nick of time. The crew of the Enterprise is saved, but Spock dies. (Fortunately, Spock comes back to life in Star Trek III.)

In a similar manner, Brunner dons a gas mask and boldly goes where no other man would go before. He releases some of the pressure by flooding the room with the deadly chemical while Janice helplessly witnesses his sacrifice; much like Captain Kirk did with Spock. Unfortunately for Brunner, he’s no Vulcan, and this ain’t Star Trek. He can’t transfer his consciousness into Dr. McCoy, nor is there a life generating Genesis planet to regenerate his body in the next episode. In the world of 24, something like that would be ridiculous. I mean, people just don’t come back to life like that.

Okay, I probably just lost half of you with the Trek talk, but if you love that movie like I do, I just made your day.

Anyway, shortly after Brunner’s heroics, Dubaku discovers that Jack and Tony have found him. He aborts the chemical explosion and then uses the guy they kidnapped in the first episode as a bomb. In the fray, Agent Lohan rescues Matabo and kills the other bad guy, Nichols. The CIP device is also destroyed.

Dubaku manages to escape and makes it back to his apartment, where he gets an unexpected visit from a young lady friend. Why Dubaku, you old dog. You’ve got a little somethin’- somethin’ going on the side, don’t you?

Meanwhile, the First Hubby wakes up from his fall just in time to be captured by the other evil secret service agent. He’s stuffed in a trunk and carted off to Dubaku’s place. I sure hope Dubaku’s girlfriend made extra lasagna.

The J-Team retreats back to the J-Cave to plan their next move. Jack points out that they need outside help and suggests that they contact the President. They can use Matobo to get a private audience with her. The J-Team reluctantly agrees, but Tony refuses to go to the White House with them. Jack makes him promise he’ll turn himself in when it’s all over, but something tells me Tony may end up going the route of Brunner and Spock before this is all over. I’d be worried except for the fact that Tony has come back from the dead just as many times as Mr. Spock has… and this ain’t Star Trek.

Next week, Jack makes it to the oval office and the race for the First Hubby is on, along with a tasty tray of lasagna.

Until then, live long and prosper.

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