Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monster Men Ep. 40: The White Lady of Union Cemetery

The Monster Men go in search of The White Lady of Union Cemetery! Just in time for the release of Hunter Shea's new ghostly novel, Sinister Entity, we pay a visit to the haunted hub of the Nutmeg State.

Union Cemetery in Easton is considered one of the most active paranormal locations in the Connecticut. It’s also home to one of the most famous ghosts in New England, the legendary White Lady ghost, who is said to roam the grounds and the surrounding roads including Route 59 and 111. There are also reports of mysterious red eyes being spotted by visitors and passersby. 

The cemetery was made famous by Ed and Lorianne Warren, Connecticut's most well-known ghost hunters. They claim to actually have a video of the White Lady, but you have to pay to attend on of their events to see it. Now that Ed has passed away and Lorianne is consulting on shows like Paranormal State, I'm not sure if you can still get a chance to see the video.

On this episode of the Monster Men video podcast, Hunter and I, along with our buddy Anthony, visit this haunted hotspot.  We explore the cemetery, share a few stories and even try a some EVP sessions to see if we could pick up a the voice of a spirit or two. I also share a photo I took there around 1997 or 1998 that reveals a ghostly image in a window of the house by the cemetery. 

I have to say, I did not expect to get anything from the digital recordings we made, and when my partner informed me that we had caught an interesting sound on the tape after one of our questions directed specifically to the White Lady, I was shocked. Could it be an EVP with the voice of the most infamous ghost in Connecticut? Check it out and let me know what you think.

And a quick word of advice to our fellow ghost hunters and legend trippers, don’t go to the Union Cemetery at night. It’s illegal and you will be arrested or fined. If you do visit, during the day, please respect the property and the graves.


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Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Scary Movie V is a Surprise Hit

The term "don’t judge a book by it’s cover" has never been more applicable that in the case of Scary Movie V. The franchise that started out as an amusing, farcical romp with Anna Faris had worn out it’s welcome after a couple of lame sequels. Once it was announced that part five was on the way, the movie going public collectively rolled their eyes.  By the time we learned that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan would be making an appearance, the nails might as well have been driven into the coffin lid.

Imagine my surprise when I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the movie from a friend in the media. I popped in the DVD expecting the worst, and I am delighted to report that I was pleasantly surprised. Scary Movie V is the funniest horror comedy movie I have ever seen.

Let me say that again. Scary Movie V is the funniest horror comedy movie I have ever seen. 

And I am a grizzled veteran when it comes to both horror and comedy movies. This is like Mario Batali saying these are the best meatballs he’s ever had. 

Here’s the synopsis:
A couple begin to experience some unusual activity after bringing their newborn son home from the hospital. With the help of home-surveillance cameras and a team of experts, they learn they're being stalked by a nefarious demon. (IMDB)

I’ll get to Lohan and Sheen in a minute. The real star of the show is High School Musical alum, Ashley Tisdale, who proves she is not just another pretty face. She is the key to the movie because she is able to pick-up the comedy baton from Anna Faris and inject some real humor into this installment. Her comedy timing is reminiscent of a young Lucille Ball.  The rest of the cast is stellar, but this is a star-making role for Tisdale.

As for Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, they open the movie in a scene that is worth the price of admission alone. I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll just say that it was great to see them able to have a sense of humor about their infamous reputations.

The writing is also spot on. Whether they are poking fun at recent horror films like, Mama, Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside or paying loving tribute to classics like The Exorcist and The Amityville Horror, Scary Movie V does not just rely on foul language and fart jokes to elicit cheap laughs aimed at an adolescent audience. 

So put those preconceived notions aside and reserved your tickets to Scary Movie V.  And remember, if you read a movie review on April first, it just may be an April Fool's joke. 

So there you have it. This whole article is a joke. I have not seen this movie and I expect the worst from Scary Movie V. Happy April Fool's Day! Go see Evil Dead.

See you at the snack bar. If you get there first, order me a large popcorn.