Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monster Men Movie Mania - World War Z, The Conjuring, The Battery, Pacific Rim

It's a new episode of the Monster Men video podcast! This time we discuss and review some of the biggest movies of the summer, like World War Z, The Conjuring and Pacific Rim. We'll also show you the site of one of the most famous chapters of the World War Z novel, The Battle of Yonkers.

Plus the must see independent zombie film; The Battery. This movie was made by a couple of filmmakers in Connecticut for just $6000, but it's better than most big budget zombie movies.

We also take time out to pay tribute to a true legend of the horror and sci-fi genre, author Richard Matheson, who recently passed away.


Did you see any of these movies? Do you agree with us or do you think we are crazy? Check out the show and then feel free to comment here of on our YouTube channel or Monster Men Facebook page. And visit my cohost's site for more monstrous fun at horror author Hunter Shea's blog.

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