Tuesday, September 23, 2008

90210- Week 4: Condon-Nation

Another painful night as the new 90210 drifts further away from the original show. We got a healthy dose of Brenda and about a minute of Kelly and that was it. Have we seen the last of Nat?

Tonight’s episode was a rollercoaster ride for Annie. First she gets her big break when Adrianna is kicked out of the school play because she’s “using”. I’m not exactly sure what Adrianna is using, but it sure ain’t good judgment. Since Annie is the only one who knows the lead part, she steps into the spotlight opposite her latest flame, Ty.

I’m not sure what show they were actually putting on, but it looked like a lot like Newsies, judging from the costume that Ty was wearing. But the big news was that there was an after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel that night and Ty had plans to deliver something more than a paper to Annie’s doorstep of love. This had her father very worried. After all, he used to have the same paper route as Ty.

As I said, Annie’s big break happens because Adrianna is all f-ed up fifteen minutes before show time. You see, Adrianna’s got it tough because she has an overbearing mother that pushes her into show business, which in itself is a cruel and thankless industry. Her rough life has pushed her to stealing and substance abuse. So she is the show’s tragic figure… pretty much the new Emily Valentine.

Brenda had sensed the turmoil in Adrianna’s life and tries to help, almost like a Guardian Angel. First she plays a witch in Charmed, now this… it just shows Shannen Doherty’s incredible acting range. She’s like De Niro with nice boobs and uneven eyes. But not even Brenda Walsh can stop Adrianna’s tailspin.

So Brenda, with the help of her stage manager Silver, decides that Adrianna is unfit to perform and they turn to Annie instead. Not the hit Broadway musical; the girl in the chorus. It turns out that just about everyone in the gang is involved with this play. Silver is suddenly the stage manager and Blandon is working the lights. Last week he was too busy for school and lacrosse with his new job at the Peach Pit. Somehow in a week he has found the time to work the lighting for a play that he has never even attended a rehearsal for.

Here’s where things go down hill for Annie. After the play, she asks Blandon if she can have the condom he always carries in his wallet. It’s pretty much a bad luck charm because he’s been carrying it for four years. (He’s supposed to be sixteen years old, so he’s had this rubber since he was twelve.) She is ready to give it up to Ty, but Ethan bumps into her with a bouquet of flowers and discovers the rubber. He’s now the second man, along with Dad, alarmed by the possibility of Annie “Tying” one on at the party.

But a vengeful Adrianna beats Annie to Ty’s hotel room and stages it so that it appears she has stolen the stage from Annie in Ty’s bedroom. Annie leaves in tears, along with the cursed condom. Meanwhile, Silver and Blandon are getting jiggy with it until Blandon realizes that he has no protection because he gave away his lucky prophylactic. But Silver had no intention of letting him explore her mine anyway.

There was also a subplot about Naomi’s MILF mother kicking her cheating husband out and filing for divorce, but not before they have angry parent sex. It was comical.

That’s about it for this week. I don’t know how much more of this show I can take.

Tata for now.

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