Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24- Season 8.8 - 11pm: Hangin’ Tough

11 pm

In honor of President’s Day, let’s start off with a tip ‘o the cap to the Presidents of 24. Hail to the Chiefs.

1. Unknown. Remember? David Palmer was still a Senator in Season 1.
2. President David Palmer (Seasons 2-3)
3. President James Prescott (Season 2)
4. President John Keeler (Season 4)
5. President Charles Logan (Seasons 4 and 5)
6. President Hal Gardner (Season 5)
7. President Wayne Palmer (Season 6)
8. President Noah Daniels (Season 6 and Redemption)
9. President Allison Taylor (Redemption and Seasons 7-8)

I think Disney should have a wing in the Hall of Presidents for the 24 Commanders in Chiefs.

Heck, if Nixon can make it in the Hall of Presidents, then so should Charles Logan.

When we pick up tonight’s episode, we find Kevin and Nick, the two hillbilly thugs, at strip club in Jersey City. This actually makes a lot of sense. You just robbed a pile of cash and now it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Where else would two county bumpkins go? That’s the most plausible aspect of this plotline so far. I wish they had gone to the Bada Bing from The Sopranos. I’d love to see what Paulie Walnuts, Silvio and Christopher would have done to these hicks if they got out-of-line at The Bing. You’d probably never find the bodies.

While getting lap dances, they get on the phone with Dana and inform her that they are going back on their deal. Dana is a nice, blonde gravy train and they don’t want to get off just yet. She is mortified, but if she does not play along they will ruin her life. Back at CTU, Arlo continues to pry into her business and also tattles to the Fresh Prince that his fiancé is up to no good. Finally, Dana pulls the Prince aside and starts to tell him the truth, but she is interrupted before she can get to the good part. The Fresh Prince assures her that her past doesn’t matter, although I’m sure he’ll be eating those words soon enough. Dana may not even have to worry about her past ruining her career because she’s away from her desk so much as it is, she’s bound to get fired anyway. Chloe covers for her the first time, but the next time she is missing it’s because she has headed to the strip club, and she’s got a gun.

Now she’s really in for it. Assisting the hillbillies with the robbery was one thing, but carrying a gun into a nightclub… is she nuts? Didn’t she learn anything from Plaxico Burress?

Meanwhile, Jack is taken to Sergei’s restaurant to be interrogated. Jack is strung up and tortured with electric shocks and a few fingers in his stab wound. I’ll tell you what, as a person who writes a 24 blog, I wish I had a nickel for every time I wrote the words “Jack is strung up and tortured”. I’d be a rich man.

We’ve seen Jack Bauer get out of this very scenario before. Heck, it could be a rule in the 24 drinking game to do a shot every time he escapes hanging torture and another drink every time he kills a thug with his feet. It’s as second nature to him as riding a bike.

Back at CTU, Renee is brought back for debriefing and everyone is convinced she’s nuts. But all she cares about is Jack. Chloe urges her to remain calm and just fill out her report. So now, CTU has a computer person handling a field agent’s debrief. Is that really in her job description? Don’t they have handlers for that kind of thing? Does Chloe handle sales and marketing too? Maybe some accounting and web design as well?

Back at the UN, Hassan and his daughter bicker about her boyfriend who is in now custody. Not much to say here… I went to get a snack at this point.

Let’s get back to Jack. After he kills the interrogator, he kills the lights and calls Chloe so she can trace his location and send help. Then he sneaks around the restaurant in his bare feet and an open shirt, taking out Sergei’s men one by one. He must not have seen the “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” sign posted at the entrance restaurant because of the bag over his head when he first arrived.

Sergei chases Jack around and shoots up the place with a shot gun. Jack ducks into the dining room and then flattens Sergei with a table after a brief game of cat and mouse. I guess you could say Jack really turned the tables on Sergei, huh?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.

The reinforcements arrive and Sergei tells Jack he will only disclose the location of the rods if he and his son get full immunity. Madam President agrees. Of course she does… she grants immunity almost as much as Jack escapes from hanging torture situations. We should make that part of the drinking game too.

The Fresh Prince takes a team to the location, but when they open the truck all they find are a couple of dead guards and an empty box with traces of radiation. The show ends with Sergei’s estranged son Josef on his way to deliver the rods to Hassan’s brother, Farthead.

Next week:
Just like at your office, when things go south, people look to cover their butts. This time it’s Renee who gets thrown under the bus.

Also, I should mention I have been reading a lot of buzz about a possible 24 movie in the works. Personally, I think 24 hours is a long time to sit in a theater, but if I can see Renee and Kim Bauer in 3D at the iMax, sign me up.

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