Friday, June 20, 2014

24 Live Another Day: Ep 8. – 6 pm to 7 pm

Blown to Heller

We pick up with Simone being treated in the ICU at the CIA. (Not CTU.) (And not down with OPP.) Sexy Agent Morgan asks if they can speak with the suspect, but the doctor says no, because if they awaken her she may die. That’s seems okay to her until Jack checks in with her to get an update. They need intel from Simone as soon as possible, so Jack does not care about a little thing like death… SO WAKE THE BITCH UP!

Not one to argue, Sexy Agent Morgan pulls a gun on the reluctant doctor and forces him to wake up Simone. Simone tells them where Margot’s hideout is but says they’ll be gone by now. However, she also mentions the disc drive that Navid has hidden in the floor boards that will help them stop the drones. Sure enough, Simone kicks the bucket after she spills the beans. 

Sexy Agent Morgan’s bedside manner is starting to resemble that of Jack Bauer. They should have named her Jill, so they could have been Jack and Jill… but when these two go up the hill, it’s not to fetch a pail of water. It’s to open a can of Whoop Ass.

Dream Team
TIME OUT: Let’s quickly take a moment to pay tribute to the first female version of Jack Bauer, Renee Walker, whom I have already dubbed as both “Jacqueline Bauer” and “Sexy Agent Lohan.” God, I miss her.

Anyway, the CIA team finds Navid’s disc drive and it’s sent to Chloe, who is still working from a laptop the pub, while drunk Englishmen hit on her. Adrian Cross also calls her and he is clearly jealous that she’s helping Jack out. It’s similar to how Mark Boudreau is threatened by Jack with Audrey. That Jack Bauer is not just a terrorist killer, he’s a Ladykiller.

Meanwhile, Jack learns of Heller’s plan to surrender to Margot and opposes the idea until he learns of Heller’s health condition and impending resignation. So they hatch a scheme to sneak Heller out of the building and get him to Wembley Stadium. They recruit Mark Boudreau to help them distract the secret service and Jack gets Heller out a back door. He also straps on the Jack Sack. 

Naturally he cold cocks an agent on his way out, because that’s how we do it at CTU.

Jack and Heller hit the street and it’s still light out, but after the commercial break it’s dark. That’s when they get to the helicopter to take them to the stadium. Audrey finds her father’s note and also realizes that Boudreau was in on the plan. Just a hunch, but I don’t think Boudreau’s going to be getting any nookie for quite some time.

Meanwhile, poor Jordan Reed has washed up on shore of the canal and calls Navarro in a panic because someone is trying to kill him. Navarro tells him to stay calm and he’ll send help, but instead he lets the assassin know where to go. Navarro’s biggest mistake is underestimating Jordan, who surprisingly gets the jump on the goon and manages to shoot him, even if he does get stabbed in the process. Bottom line is that he’s now onto Navarro. He’s just got to live long enough to do something about it.

Jack checks in with Chloe, but she needs more time in order to decode the info on the disc drive. It could be a very complicated decryption process or she may have just had one too many pints tonight.

So Heller says it’s time to take the field, but first he lets Jack know that he’s pardoned him for everything in the past as well as all the crap he’s pulled today. That’s a pretty nice get out of jail card he’s given Jack, but I have a feeling Boudreau is going to derail this for Jack before it’s all over.

We close the show with President Heller walking out to the center of the field, where Margot’s drone can spot him and confirm his identity via facial recognition. It also asks her if she wants to tag him in a Facebook picture. Margot takes the controls from her son and fires a missile into the stadium, ending President Heller’s life. This also puts the England national football team’s season into serious question, as they now have nowhere to play their home games. And that Elton John concert probably won’t be happening now.

So we bid farewell to President Heller and we wait to see if Margot will keep her word and destroy the drones. Or will her son disobey her orders and take over the operation? Tune in next week and see. 

Instead of Find Goth Chloe, this week we play Find President Heller. Good luck and have fun. 
Find Heller

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