Monday, June 23, 2014

24 Live Another Day: Ep 9. – 7 pm to 8 pm

Come to My Window

This week 24 begins at Wembley Stadium, where smoke is pouring out of the roof. Either someone has shot a missile at the field or KISS just finished their encore. It turns out the only ones rock and rolling all night are Margot Al-Harazi and her son Ian, who plan to party everyday because they think they have killed President Heller. OR DID THEY?

Ian spots a glitch in the recording and realizes they have been watching a video on loop.
 CHLOE!! That manic, goth vixen has done it again.

Poor Ian. I believe according to English law, since he missed Heller, he’s gotta kiss Heller.

So Heller is still alive… and Ian’s already dumped five out of six of their drones into the ocean. OOPS. Margot was a woman of her word it seems. Perhaps they were a little quick on the drone ditching, since they destroyed them about 30 seconds after the missile hit. Lucky for them they have one left, so they turn the last drone around and send it towards Waterloo Station. (Waterloo again? Margot must really hate ABBA.)

As the drone heads for London, Belcheck takes the President into hiding at Jack’s behest. Just don’t call him Belichick. He’s not the damn head coach of the Patriots. He does not even own a hoodie. It’s Belcheck. One word, like Madonna. Or Cher, or Machete, or Sting, or Bono, or Pele, or Prince, or Liberace or Charo. He’s also not an American, so he won’t take orders from the President. But he will take orders from Jack Bauer. (Little known fact, he’ll also take orders from Charo.)

Jack lets Audrey and the gang back at the residence know that Heller is alive, but there’s little time to celebrate as they’ve got to find Margot’s hideout. Chloe can get a general location, but she needs help from her buddy Adrian Cross in order to pinpoint the building. Jack heads to the location by chopper while Sexy Agent Morgan and Ritter drive over. Once there, they are met by Margot’s goons and a gun fight breaks out. Jack tells Sexy Agent Morgan to take out the fuse box because once the power is out, Chloe can tell them what floor Margot is on. So Sexy Agent Morgan, Yvonne Strahovski, “Chucks” a grenade and kills the power.

Hoochie Coochie!
Meanwhile, on the fifth floor, Ian decides it’s time to set the drones on autopilot and get the heck out of there. However, Mommy Dearest, who has not had anyone to abuse since Simone passed away, pulls a gun and tells him to get back here and finish the job. He agrees and Mommy gives him a peck on the cheek.

But the Al-Harazi love-fest is broken up when Ian spots the scariest thing he’s seen in a window since that little kid from Salem’s Lot. It’s Jack, who has landed on the roof and has repelled down the side of the building. It’s pretty cool, but it’s still not as cool as Machete’s window swing using a guy’s intestine. That still rules. (See below.)

Open the window, Ian.
Ian shoots out the window but when he takes a peek to see if he got Jack, Jack throws him out the window and he ends up taking the Bauer Express elevator to the ground floor. Then Jack climbs in, overpowers Margot and calls in to base. But the missile is about the hit Waterloo Station, so Chloe tells Jack to manually guide it with Ian’s controls. Ever the multi-tasker, Jack holds down Margot with one hand while working the joystick with the other. It’s the most impressive thing Margot’s seen since she saw Simone text and put on her make-up while driving earlier today… all without a pinky.

So the missile lands harmlessly in the water, only killing the Loch Ness Monster, who had it coming anyway. With her plans gone out the window, Margot tells Jack that thousands of people’s deaths will be on his hands because of this, but Jack insists that only her death will be on his hands and he chucks her out the window too. On 24 we call that Window Pain.

With the last drone destroyed and the President back with Audrey and the Prime Minister, it seems like all is well and it’s a happy ending. OR IS IT?

Sexy Agent Morgan gets a call and finds out that Jordan is dead. Navarro is pretty calm about the news until he finds out that the assassin’s body was also found. He can be traced back to Navarro thanks to some old government records and a ton of selfies they took together at a Madonna concert last year. They are all over Instagram.

So Navarro calls Cross on the Dr. Claw phone and Cross says he’ll help Navarro escape if he brings him the drone device. Navarro, who knows he only has limited time because Jack has called in a favor from a buddy at Langley to trace the assassin’s fingerprints so they can locate his Instagram account.

Jack has called this guy because Chloe has told him that she’s done, since the drone crisis is over. Now she’s in a car in front of a 7-11, playing tonsil hockey with Adrian Cross. But when she runs in for a Slush Puppy, Cross gets a call from Navarro. He’s choked a CIA agent and stuffed the device in a Navarro Sack and is one the run from Jack, who has found him out. Jack also has the Jack Sack on… which is so much cooler than the Navarro Sack and would beat the hell out of it in a sack race.

Navarro temporarily loses Jack and arranges to meet up with Cross, who has big plans for the device. They have reset the board as we head into the home stretch of the season.

Find Goth Chloe
We close with another round of FIND GOTH CHLOE. It’s a tough one this week. Good luck.

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PS: Props to Brian Boyd who called the Heller thing immediately last week.

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